10 Thing Friday

1. Thank you again to those of you who wrote kind words or donated to our friends Natalie and Santiago who are currently fighting his stomach cancer. They are on their way to Houston to meet his new medical team at MD Anderson this week!! This is such exciting news for them and treatment is going well so far. They have been able to spend a lot of time together and with family and friends this summer which has been an enormous boost for them emotionally. Thank you again for your support as they work to beat the hell out of this monster.

2. This was a ride: “The Battle of Grace Church What happened when Brooklyn’s oldest nursery school decided to become less old-fashioned? A riot among the one percent.”

3. I don’t know what to think of The Last Czars on Netflix. It’s pretty, but sloppy. The minute the referred to the empress as “tsarina” I knew it was going to upset me. I will take it over nothing though, but UGH.

4. I’m listening to The Man in the Window podcast about the Golden State Killer. I am so relieved they finally caught him. He is SO CREEPY and AWFUL.

Image result for man in the window podcast

5. I am making this for my lunch next week and I am SO EXCITED about it.

horizontal overhead photo of Grilled Street Corn Salad with Avocado Mayo

6. Jeffrey Epstein can rot in hell along with everyone who aided and enabled him (*coughs* Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Prince Andrew *coughs*).

Protesters demonstrated with signs bearing the image of Jeffrey Epstein outside Federal District Court in New York on Monday.

7. “In real life, Simba’s Mom Would Be Running the Pride.” Sarabi is QUEEN.

Image result for lion king sarabi gif

8. The trailer for Mulan is GORGEOUS. Holy cow I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9. Sari and I are watching Euphoria HBO and MY GOD I am so thankful to not be a young person today. I feel like a creep watching and also wonder if I lived in a bubble. My parents were ALL UP IN MY BUSINESS 24/7. I had no secrets and was never just out doing whatever. WHERE ARE THESE PARENTS!!! I have no idea what this show is ultimately about, but I am watching!

Also, I could have vomited from my fear with that whole Tyler situation. I felt so deeply scared for Jules! Rue was right on with her concerns. The Eric Dane character and his stuff is completely gross and unnecessary. YUCK.

10. “Black Mothers are drowning and self care is not the answer.” Being a parent just seems so relentless, but being a single parent without support seems impossible. I try my best to support my friends who are parents, but our country seems so anti-family when it comes to actually resourcing support mechanisms for people raising children (and that includes our values in the work place).

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