10 Thing Friday

1. “Letters: ‘The Deck Is Heavily Stacked Against Low-Income Students.’” I cannot say this enough, THE RICH PEOPLE ARE STEALING YOUR OPPORTUNITIES and scamming the system to their advantage. Stop blaming and demonizing students from underrepresented populations.

2. I don’t need waffle bowls, but I NEED WAFFLE BOWLS.

3. “The Relentlessness of Modern Parenting.” This sounds AWFUL. I am not a parent, so it is easy for me to judge from childless high horse, but a lot of this seems like people making life way harder on themselves. I am so thankful that my parents only pressured me to do my best instead of being the best (which I am never going to be anywhere near the best at anything ever anywhere).

In just two years, the numbers have increased six-fold (and they are doing well on the test)!

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5. Someone at work left a card on my desk this week and inside it said, “Thank you for being so nice and helpful during my first few months here.”

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Naturally, I called to make sure that note was left in the correct office, but I’ve officially fooled one person!

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7. I am SO EXCITED for the Downton Abbey movie! My life is definitely missing a sense of decorum and genteelness as of late (WHEN IS SEASON 3 OF THE CROWN HAPPENING).

8. I referred to a male colleague as a “bit of a dandy” the other day (AS A COMPLIMENT – he is always spectacularly dressed) and half the people in the room had never heard that word used in that way!!

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9. Also, “turnip toff” is my favorite phrase now. I shall start referring to myself as one since I, too, identify as a rural aristocrat.
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10. Using amplified sound during meetings is something that I am CONSTANTLY requesting. I get deeply frustrated when people decide that they do not need to use the microphone. It is not about you, it is about the people who need to hear you. Shouting at me from a podium in your “professor voice” just makes me angry. “Refusing to use a microphone is like scheduling a meeting in a room accessible only by stairs. And then when your colleague in a wheelchair shows up and asks for a ramp so she can attend, you stand at the top of the steps and say, ‘No thanks, I’m good.’” Signed, lady who can’t hear crap if any other noise exists in that same space (so, also, please STFU with your sidebar conversations).

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