10 Thing Friday

1. If you are interested in more information about the college admissions scandal, then I recommend this article about “opportunity hoarding” from the Houston Chronicle. “For every privilege that high-income parents inveigh, there is a disadvantage suffered by low-income students.” The notion of a meritocracy is a lie because people with money do not play fairly or by the rules.

I also had NO IDEA that people were so obsessed with USC. Maybe it’s because I’m public school trash from Texas, but my GAWD people would sell a kid to get the other one in there! I think this article was super fascinating as well: “Parents caught in the college admissions scandal are turning to this convicted felon for advice on life in prison.” WHO KNEW. I do not think I could survive the stress of knowing I was going to prison, much less the actual incarceration. I got upset last night just looking for new batteries for the remote!

2. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is coming to San Francisco soon, and Sari and I are going again with our cousin! I am sooooooooooooo excited. The music is one the things I use when I am stressed at work to help me simmer down. My favorite piece is “Suite Two: Staircase Ballet.” It is just SO LOVELY.

3. Thank you for all the kitty litter recommendations! All these dang cats do is eat and defecate!

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4. People here LOVE the Shen Yun performances and while I have never been, this article was wild!

5. I am VERY excited for Gentleman Jack on HBO!! Give me a Regency-era lesbian drama any day!!

6. Did you watch the HBO documentary The Inventor about scam artist Elizabeth Holmes? If you have not already, I also highly recommend The Dropout podcast. It dives much more deeply into her batshit behavior (relationship with Sunny, voice BS, and other drama), but I enjoyed the HBO show as well. She is such a horrible unrepentant piece of garbage.

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On a super petty note, her hair makes me crazy. I just want to run a deep conditioner through it, chop it off, and never let her touch a hair dryer again. If you only wear black because you have no time to think about getting dressed, then quit taking the time to do this to your hair every morning!!! I also wonder how much of this delusion happened because she appears to have NO FRIENDS. She was so laser focused on her idea that she never seemed to see outside of herself and no one seems like they were there to give her feedback. I am sure she surrounded herself with people that thought she was a special brilliant pony, but my friends would never let me behave like that.

7. Season six of Schitt’s Creek will be the last! I am DEVASTATED.

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8. “Catastrophizing” is as big a part of my life as breathing.

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9. I wish J.K. Rowling would STFU up about the character identities that were not present AT ALL in her books or movies. Jewish students! Dumbledore and Grindewald were hot and heavy lovers! Either include them and show/tell us, or shut up. You don’t get to diversify your world after the fact. I guess we should just be glad that Jude Law didn’t have to get that close to Johnny Depp.

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This may or may not have been an excuse to use that GIF.

10. I did not understand what an air fryer was or why people were so crazy about them until I learned that I could make perfect tater tots ON DEMAND with little mess. So, one night after a bad day at work and a wee bit of wine, I ordered one! And I LOVE IT. I have made shrimp, tater tots, and the cauliflower gnocchi so far. If you have any suggestions of what you like to make, then please share!

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