10 Thing Friday

1. LAWD this week has been busy at work. I tend to dread the spring semester because it has become a relentless behemoth now that I oversee commencement, but I am going to survive. Happy second semester, y’all!

2. “The Real Roots of American Rage.” This is what I could not put together for so long about the appeal of Trump: “He understands anger and it’s going to make voters feel wonderful.”

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3. I LOVED Kate’s outfit this week. Thankfully, I restrained myself from buying those boots long enough for my size to sell out. I did not need $267 winter boots, but I NEEDED $287 winter boots, you know, for this brutal 55 degree weather we are having.


4. This article cracked me up: “Hockey players have big butts, and they cannot lie.

5. I have been waiting for Dirty John to come out on streaming services, but I just realized that my friend who I am housesitting for has ALL THE CABLE. I finished it up last night and GOOD GRIEF. The podcast was a different kind of terrifying because I did not know what was going to happen, but the show was well done in my opinion.

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I still have such mixed feelings about this situation. I have empathy for Debra and her desire to find love. It sucks to be alone when you don’t want to be, and I totally believe that prior relationships had put her through the ringer. BUT, there were so many things John did and said that were deeply disturbing and I cannot believe she was willing to lose her family for him. GIRL. I now that emotional abuse destroys people, but I am still so surprised she stayed with him after seeing his criminal record and learning of his drug use. I guess I am just not into relentless forgiveness or trying to fix people. I will hate you and forget you. Anyway, the whole thing makes me sick and it is so scary. And John is such a creep that it made me hate Eric Bana a little bit which is really saying something (because he is a FOX). But TERRA!! The tenacity of those daughters was incredible.

6. “29 Of The Best Tweets By Women This Week.”

7. Following the Brexit mess is WILD.

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8. I freaking love gnocchi, so I bought the cauliflower gnocchi from Trader Joe’s to try this week. My expectations were super low, but I was pleasantly surprised by it! I browned it in a skillet, then mixed it with pesto and some cooked shrimp. I knew it was not gnocchi that I was eating, but it was still a delicious meal that made me feel like I was getting some carby goodness. I do not care for the taste of cauliflower, but I would have never guessed that it was the primary ingredient. I absolutely will be having it again!

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9. This week’s episode of Drunk History had me in stitches. 

10. I am only a few episodes in, but the podcast Gladiator about Aaron Hernandez from The Boston Globe is incredible and so deeply disturbing. As a society, I do not understand why we continue to watch and support sports that cause such significant damage to the athletes who play them. And I know that so many of these folks will want to play no matter what the consequences, but it makes my heart so sad.

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