10 Thing Friday

1. This made me laugh so hard, “33 Things That Almost All White People Are Guilty Of Doing.”


3. I finally caught up on the fourth season of Bosch and ugh I love that show. I cannot wait until it’s back next year. I need more J. Edgar in my life!

hug it out amazon GIF by Bosch

4. Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” as Written by Walt Whitman.

5. I felt sick to my stomach when I saw Idris Elba’s name trending with #MeToo, but what a relief to learn that IDRIS GETS IT: The #MeToo movement is “Only Difficult If You’re a Man with Something to Hide.”

Image result for idris elba gif

So thankful that I continue to nurture this obsession.

6. “The Rise of Anxiety Baking.” Who amongst us isn’t stress baking resistance cookies or persistence breads? Since I can’t punch the President for being a shit human, I will punch some dough!

Three sprinkled cookies with plastic googly eyes on them

7. “What’s Your Best Stocking Stuffer?”


8. No surprise here: “‘Men for others, my ass’: After Kavanaugh, Inside Georgetown Prep’s Culture of Omerta.”

Georgetown Prep landmark

9. I think I have picked up Seasonal Soft Scarf flu. The only cure is MORE SCARVES. Specifically, this AMAZINGLY SOFT scarf from J.Crew. I am very delicate when it comes wool and other winter fabric blends, but I am now on my third one (I have green, blue, and black!!) of these. I cannot get enough.


10. Just in time for unwelcome holiday photos, “What Do I Do With My Hands In Photos? And Other Important Questions, Answered.”

Image result for snl hands gif

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