10 Thing Friday

1. Let’s get this started on the right foot.

2. I LOVED this look on Meghan. I thought she looked super elegant and everything fits perfectly which feels like a real miracle for a pregnant lady.

3. After a meeting last week a colleague said, “thank you for your tolerance” with absolute sincerity. I did not know what to say as telling someone they are welcome for being tolerable seemed odd.

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4. I was buying Christmas presents online recently, but since I am an unfailingly selfish person, I got myself something too. It’s a MOODY MOOD necklace from Kendra Scott and I love it. If anyone is in a MOODY MOOD, it is me, and this necklace takes me right back to middle school a.k.a. multiple mood ring moody mood city. And now my coworkers will think I’m in a good mood because my constantly overheated body keeps it blue and green.

Moody Mood Pendant Necklace in Rose Gold

5. “Older Women Are the Best Money Mentors.” I 100% agree. I am lucky enough to work in higher education which gives me access to a lot of smart and talented ladies who manage budgets and finances (at work and at home). I am constantly picking their brains for information!

6. Bless you all for your turtleneck feedback! Banana Republic IS where it’s at! And they are on sale right now. Very much appreciated.Image result for turtleneck gif

7. I finally watched Dumplin’ this week and I did not love it as much as I had hoped. It was sweet, but I think my love for the book tainted my ability to enjoy the movie. I thought Danielle Macdonald was fantastic, but Maddie Baillio as Millie was a total delight. I did not love Millie as much in the books, but she really sparkled on screen. Some of the narrative felt a bit too abrupt and there was not enough romantic development between Bo and Willowdean. More romance and wooing please! Did he ever even exist outside of the burger shack? Overall, it was cute and I enjoyed it.

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8. “Harry Potter and the Secret Gay Love Story.”

9. “The best things on the internet in 2018.”

10. I highly recommend this “How Privileged Are You?” quiz. It’s a great starting point for conversations about privilege and how parts of our lives and identities do or do not make life harder. In case you did not already know, I am super privileged. I did nothing to earn where I was born or the privileges that come with it, but I do not take for granted that my life has not been made harder by my skin color, religion, mental and physical abilities, sexual identity, gender identity/expression, family situation, or nationality.

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