10 Thing Friday

1. It’s Veteran’s Day! Get out there and thank a veteran for their service and take some time to remember the sacrifices that those who have served, their families, and their pets make when a soldier is enlisted and after they come home.

Deals and freebies for veterans.

2. A new trailer for The Crown!!! I don’t know how I forgot that Mathew Goode is playing Lord Snowdon!!! SQUEALLLLLLLLLL. Also, Philip whines on.

3. This is one of my favorite winter meals. It is beyond easy and I like to make it for the sole purpose of dipping thick slices of a nice crusty french loaf in it.

simple, totally uncompromised sauce

4. I saw Thor this past weekend and I LOVED IT SO MUCH. I did not care for the first two Thor movies at all, but this one was everything I hoped for. Taika Waititi delivered and Thor is finally an exciting super hero. Everyone seemed like they were having a great time and it was all so colorful. Tessa Thompson needs her own spinoff because she really was the MVP of the whole thing. THAT FACE.

Image result for thor ragnarok gif

5. “When Will the ‘Harvey Effect’ Reach Academia?” Not soon enough.

6. I finished Alias Grace this week and it was excellent. I could hardly remember what happened in the story since I have not read it since 1998, but the story was well-paced and tense. You can read an interesting interview with the writer (of the script, not the novel obviously) and producer, Sarah Polley, here. I highly recommend watching it!

7. Nutella changed its recipe and it is the END OF TIMES. You don’t mess with perfection!

Image result for nutella gif

8. We also watched Wind River this weekend and it was absolutely haunting to the point that I am still thinking about it daily. It is not haunting in a scary movie kind of way, but in a no one is keeping track of missing indigenous women kind of way. I wish the movie was less focused on Jeremy Renner, but it is still worth your time to watch.

9. It’s plaid footwear season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10. I’m in Yosemite for the long weekend, so check out my Instagram (Cely524) stories for beautiful views and hiking struggles reported from the front line!

Image result for yosemite national park gif

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