10 Thing Friday


2. In abominable news, Reese’s is now making thin cups. Who wants that? The peanut butter is the most important part! I barely eat regular cups because of their lack of peanut butter (I prefer Big Cups or holiday editions like Pumpkins or Trees). UGH.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

I accidentally ate a Big Cup with Reese’s Pieces the other day and I have charged the person who gave it to me with attempted murder.

3. Stabbing your colleagues is not funny, but this seems like about as legitimate a reason as one could find for doing that: “Russian scientist ‘tried to kill’ a colleague at Antarctic research station ‘because the man kept giving away the endings of books he was reading.‘”

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4. I am starting to get the hang of The Romanoffs and am quite enjoying it. That Christina Hendricks episode was WILD.

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5. “Multitasking Is Bad, And You Really Shouldn’t Do It.” AGREED. I also do not believe you can truly do multiple things at once. My brain cannot handle how disorganized that feels. I might be switching between tasks based on priority, but I am certainly not doing them all at once. I also hate that this continues to be an interview question. I do not multitask because it affects quality. I prioritize then manage my time until the work is complete.

6. “How to Stop Saying Sorry When Things Aren’t Your Fault.” If I had a dollar for every time I had to have this conversation with a female colleague or student, then I would not have student loan debt. Stop apologizing for existing!Image result for not sorry gifI got into the terrible habit of saying “sorry” before and after almost every word I uttered in middle school. For instance, “Sorry, can I ask a question? Sorry.” UGH. One of my teachers finally disabused me of it by shouting “FOR WHAT” every time I said it.

7. “The death of Hollywood’s middle class: How Netflix and the streaming wars are creating massive income inequality in the entertainment industry.”

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8. Crazy Rich Asians is out on DVD on November 20!!!! Happy Thanksgiving to us!

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9. “Mindful Bitchface.” This article cracked me up.


10. A few years ago, I had a brief imaginary TV fling with Steve Kazee when he was a guest star on Shameless. He was SO CUTE. Earlier this week, it was announced that Jenna Dewan (of Step Up and formerly married to Channing Tatum fame) is dating Steve Kazee now!! YES, JENNA, YES. I want good things for her and this is REALLY GOOD.

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