10 Thing Friday

1. Here’s What It Really Takes to Plan a Royal Tour. Gawd, that seems stressful.

2. This makes me so dang mad: “Dear Drivers Who Veer Left to Turn Right, I Hate You. WTF Is Wrong With You?” Seriously. WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM.

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3. I do not know how to feel about The Romanoffs yet. I think I kind of like it, but I also don’t know. I just want someone to create a Crown-esque series about ANY OF THEM while they actually reigned. HOW HAS THIS NOT HAPPENED. And the use of the “f” in the title still gives me rage.

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4. Sari and I saw A Star is Born last week and thought it was great (the Judy Garland version is the gold standard, but I still like this one a lot). I still cannot believe that was Andrew Dice Clay!

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5. I made this shredded chicken chili recently and have been eating it non-stop. I am not keto (I dip bread in it), but it is so delicious and filling. I also accidentally made it with vegan cream cheese and it still tastes great, so it would be an easy dish to make dairy free.

Shredded Chicken Chili Recipe #ketogasm #keto #ketogenic #atkins #healthy #chicken #chili #recipe

6. The Best Halloween Movies Available on Amazon Prime. THE BURBS!!!!

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7. Someone dug into my brain and made this move FOR ME. EEEEEK I cannot wait!! I love some tragic WWII romance!

8. I just learned what “hepeating” is and DAMN that is so perfect. Happens to me multiple times a week.

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9. “Louis C.K. Comments On ‘Hell’ Year: ‘I Lost $35 Million In An Hour’” Hmmm. Wonder what the women who he harassed lost? No one cares. Worry not. He will be fine.

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10. “A White Person’s Guide to Minding Your Own Business and When to Involve Police.”

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