10 Thing Friday

1. I am going to keep this light today because I think most of us can use a mental vacation, so here are some corgis.

2. I finally finished the last season of The Americans this week. That finale! My thoughts are below the picture to protect people from spoilers. It still upsets me that Keri Russell never got an award for her performance. ELIZABETH FOREVER. Also, do you think it’s a coincidence that the Jennings share a couple name with the royal heads of England?

Damn, Philip was STONE COLD to Stan with that final line about Renee. I have often wondered that, but damn, Phil! Also, all those EST classes paid off. Philip is such a master manipulator and totally dominated Stan. That train scene was GREAT. I had a feeling Paige might bolt at some point, but was not expecting it right then. And Elizabeth was perfect as usual. UGH I will miss this show so much!

3. A co-worker had deodorant on her shirt recently and I brought her back to my office so she could use one of these on it. She was flabbergasted that they exist and I realized that maybe not everyone knows. I first saw these magical sponges on Oprah probably 15 years ago and they are AMAZING. I cannot get dressed without getting something on me, and they clean off everything from deodorant to make up!

Spa Sister Deodorant Stain Removing Remover Sponge (2 Pack)

4. Dirty John will be on Bravo next month!!! And what a cast! I freaking LOVE Eric Bana. What a perfect choice. And, of course, Tammy Taylor forever!! I am going to have to figure out how to get access to this.

5. “21 Inexpensive Products That Actually Replace A Bunch Of Disposable Plastic.” We use almost all of these products (except for the coffee-related stuff because we don’t drink it), and they are great!

6. The always classic: “It’s Decorative Gourd Season, Motherf*ckers.”

Image result for pumpkins gif

7. We make a version of this called cornflake candy, but I never thought about putting chocolate on top!

side angle photo of BOO! Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

8. Season 4 of Outlander is almost here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loathed the plot of this book, but I have high hopes for the show. It is just so dang beautiful!


9. I am really enjoying Jessica Yellin’s Instagram and IG stories about current news and politics. She breaks it down into pieces that makes it all so easy to understand. It is super helpful!

10. I’m in Texas with ma friends, so ALL IS WELL OVER HERE. Have a great weekend!

Image result for weekend gif

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