10 Thing Friday

1. I’m in Yosemiteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll be detailing my mountain adventures in my Instagram stories if you need an escape from work today. Prepare for serious struggles peppered with majestic mountains and waterfalls.

2. Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos. These look super tasty.

3. I finally finished The Alienist this week. What a gorgeous show. You could watch it on mute and it would still be divine. I hope there’s another season because my life can always use more Luke Evans.

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4. I also watched Ready Player One this week. FINALLY. I really enjoyed it. SPOILERS: I still don’t understand why Wade was more “the one” than Samantha. She won a key all on her own. I realize they all had to work together to make it happen, but she was just as capable. Either way, it was fun! I also thought the book translated to the screen really well with all of the nostalgic Easter eggs.
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5. “Police Killed Saheed Vassell in a Gentrifying Neighborhood. Did That Make a Difference?” and “A Fear Born of Brooklyn Gentrification.” I have never thought about 911 calls in gentrified neighborhoods being higher and what the outcomes of those calls might be, but it makes sense.

6. I love First Aid Kit’s new album so much, but I still don’t understand their band name.

7. This recipe also looks freaking delicious.

Cheesy Tomato Basil Stuffed Chicken | halfbakedharvest.com #chicken #easy #recipes

8. “Textbook Racism: How Scholars Sustained White Supremacy.” I still own numerous Texas textbooks (they just gave them away FOR FREE when a new version was released!!! It was the highlight of my school year.). And reading them now as an adult is deeply troubling.

9. I continue to struggle with finding the “right” or “best” or “healthiest” way to eat for my body because there is just so much contradictory information available to us. I often think about what it was like to live in a time when you just ate what you had available from your land and that was it. You didn’t think about carbs, protein, organic, GMO, fats, healthy fats, bad fats, fats that seem bad but are actually good, sugar, grams, calories, gluten is the devil, gluten is fine, lean things, fatty things, why kale is better than spinach, why you shouldn’t eat too much spinach, is soy okay, is so not okay, are we still cooking with coconut oil, dairy is critical for growth and health, dairy is ruining your life, now we have fat free chips, oh no fat free chips are going to give me diarrhea, and so on…. until we are all dead from the food we did or didn’t eat. I am deeply grateful to live in a time and place in which I have access to and the ability to afford a wide variety of foods. I have no delusions about how hard living was in the past. I’m not at risk of dying from diseases or deficiencies caused by lack of nutrition or calories, but damn if it isn’t information overload. All of this is to say here’s an article: “How Protein Conquered America.”

10. I enjoyed this a lot more than I should have.


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