10 Thing Friday

1. The Women’s March is tomorrow!! I’ve learned a lot since last year, but most importantly I’ve been educating myself about the issues surrounding race and women’s movements.

2. A few articles below that I found thought provoking regarding the Aziz Ansari situation. I don’t think Aziz is a bad person or that he purposely acted maliciously, but I do think do think he coerced something into happening that the other party wasn’t totally on board with. He abused his power and he didn’t respect her cues or hesitation because he wanted sex.

This post by Jameela Jamil on the Aziz Ansari situation was perfect (to me).
 “Aziz, We Tried to Warn You” from Lindy West at the New York Times.

And Anna North’s piece for Vox: “Boys learn at a young age, from pop culture, their elders, and their peers, that it’s normal to have to convince a woman to have sex, and that repeated small violations of her boundaries are an acceptable way to do so — perhaps even the only way.”

3. “Why Sex That’s Consensual Can Still Be Bad. And Why We’re Not Talking About It.”

4. Of relevance to the consent conversation, “Men are Killing Thousands of Women a Year for Saying No” and “11 Black Women Who Were Killed for Saying ‘No.‘” I understand how saying no can feel like an impossible and terrifying option, and it frustrates me to no end when people ask, “why didn’t she just say no?” Do you understand coercion or how scary someone can be when you’re trapped alone with them?

Nova Henry

5. The trailer for the second season of the Handmaid’s Tale is out!!

6. Some fun historical information about Donald Trump’s grandfather who was banished from his home country of Germany for failure to do military service (sounds like draft dodging runs in the family). He certainly wouldn’t have made it in a merit-based immigration system here.

Friedrich Trump

7. “The Systematic Crushing of a #MeToo Pioneer” I had never heard of Patrica Douglas before this, but holy crap this story is so awful.

8. This looks freaking delicious and I can barely tolerate chicken that isn’t fried.

Sheet Pan Cuban Chicken With Citrus Avocado Salsa | halfbakedharvest.com #sheetpan #cuban #chicken #recipes #easy

9. “When Pop Culture Sells Dangerous Myths About Romance.”

A photo illustration depicting Lloyd Dobler of 'Say Anything,' Chuck Bass of 'Gossip Girl,' and Jesse Lacey of the band Brand New

I have had numerous heated arguments with friends over their beloved Say Anything. I have always thought that Lloyd was a total pill and that showing up outside someone’s window with a boombox is CREEPY.

10. They have yet to stream the full episode of the “The Coronation” on The Smithsonian Channel online. I AM HEATED. In the meantime, The Fug Girls have their always fabulous recap up.


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